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Custom Kitchen Design Tips

The kitchen is the true soul of a house because it makes the house a home. Many contemporary custom kitchens designs now factor the space to serve more than just cooking purposes but congregating as well. This is a far migration from kitchens in older houses that are often small and isolated. Many homeowners now want their kitchens to incorporate an ample cooking area, a casual dining space and even a working space if possible. Achieving this may sound a little technical but these custom kitchen design tips can change all that.

Design Tips

1. Blend new and old

More than 60% of kitchen designs that a kitchen renovation company will build are transitional kitchens. A transitional kitchen is now a very popular concept in the design circles. Simply, it refers to a design that blends both modern and old styles with the aim of bridging the gap between these two designs. The result usually is a warm, welcome but unfussy environment that borrows the charm of the old and classic components of modern designs. The beauty of infusing transitional designs is the ability to create a kitchen that expresses your personality and has space for every purpose you have in mind.

2. Go with streamlined cabinetry

There is something intriguing about minimalistic transitional designs. The cabinetry here tends to have a low profile with little or no intricate carving and elaborate hardware. Wood is an ideal material because in accentuates the traditional look. Glass and lacquer, on the other hand, would give off a too modern vibe. Moreover, glass and lacquer tend to limit the functionality of the kitchen space. A great idea for implementing streamlined cabinetry is to use rich wood to create minimalist cabinets with recessed handles. This creates admirable clean lines that balance off with the used material to create uncluttered simple environments that are very inviting.

3. Adopt the kitchen island concept especially if you plan on entertaining

A kitchen is only effective if it is an efficient workspace with ample storage room. It may never be immediately apparent but people entertaining at home need to have the kitchen to incorporate some basic parameters separating their wine-drinking guests from all the action in the cooking area. Most designers achieve this using the ‘island concept’. There are a million adoptable designs depending on the design layout of the kitchen in question. Alternatively, the design may make use of a small breakfast section with built-in informal seating that creates a living room feel. However, the two spaces should not appear alien to one another so a little fusing is essential.

4. Pop some color and a lot of texture

Achieving a timeless and sophisticated look may sound elusive but it is easy to attain by using appropriate color schemes. Usually, various shades of neutral colors are enough to create a revolutionary appearance. The trick may be to use different tones of the same color in various sections of the kitchen. Aside from subtle hues, pleasant explorations of texture especially by using rough or polished stones or interesting tile surfaces may improve visual interest. This helps create an ideal space for working.

Of course, there are a million possible designs to adopt, and each of these may come with a tip or two. These four custom kitchen design tips, however, address the basic design needs of almost every kitchen.